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Luxury Pet Resort

Ever wanted to have an oasis away from home for your pet while you are on vacation?
Our beautiful pet resort was thoughtfully designed to lower the stress for your pet while you are away. Our cat resort is totally separate from the dog resort. It features 3 story condos with optional views of our lobby, birdfeeders, and our front porch. We have warm cabinetry and bamboo hardwood floors to make cats feel more at home. The advanced fresh air ventilation system provides plenty of fresh air for all the cats' health and happiness. When choosing to board your "finicky" feline, always choose a facility that has plenty of window views to stimulate that curious personality.

Our dog resort is divided into 3 types of housing. For smaller pets on a budget, we offer efficiency villas, which are warm "den-like" enclosures.  For more space, we have 2 additional options, the luxury runs and the luxury suites. Both offer plenty of natural light through transom windows, designer tile floors, and plenty of room to stretch out. The luxury suites have designer tile walls with customizable banners on top. These banners come in a variety of sports team themes and fun dog prints. Two of the suites offer 32" plasma screen tv viewing for guests. All of the suites have glass door fronts and webcam viewing*. We also have a huge outdoor, fenced, shaded exercise yard for guests to be walked in during their stay. Dog guests are taken outside for fresh air, bathroom breaks, and exercise three(3)times daily except on Sunday (twice daily). The entire dog resort has an advanced fresh air ventilation that provides plenty of fresh air to virtually eliminate kennel cough and keep your friend healthy and happy during their stay.

Dr. Hollis has consulted the foremost architects in the country on the resort's layout, design and function. He has incorporated so many details to reduce stress and make your pet's stay the very best experience it can be. Providence Animal Hospital & Pet Resort is committed to sustainable design and guest safety. Our use of chemicals in the resort is significantly reduced by the use of steam technology for cleaning. All paint used in the entire resort is low VOC and the insulation is eco guard green friendly for air quality--(highest quality available--it is approved for daycares and schools). All bowls are provided and are sanitized by a dishwasher. We provide bedding as well; it is cleaned via modern sanitize-able washing machine use. We encourage guest owners to bring their pet's own food from home to reduce gastrointestinal stress.  We feed prescription sensitive stomach diets for those guests that forget their own food.

Your pet's safety is our utmost priority. The entire facility is monitored 24 hours a day, 365 days a year via camera for security and fire protection. In the event of such an emergency, police, fire, and the veterinarian are alerted immediately. The facility is also monitored via webcam by the owners.

Click Here to take a tour of our facility. http://flytenn.zenfolio.com/p224173581

*Disclaimer: Connectivity is not guaranteed. Your internet service provider and your computer's browser may affect your ability to access webcam viewing. We apologize for any inconvenience.

To access your pet's webcam portal, follow the instructions on this hyperlink: http://providenceanimalhospital.com/clients/10500/documents/Webcam_Instructions.pdf


  • Must have confirmation that ALL VACCINES are current (Cats must be current on FelV)
  • Pre-Payment is required to make a Boarding Reservation
  • $25 Cancellation Fee up to 48hrs prior to reservation
  • If you cancel less than 48 hrs before your reservation begins, there will be NO REFUND.
  • If you pick up EARLY, only 50% of remaining days for each pet is refunded as a CREDIT on your account.
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    Cat condos                                                    


         Resort Luxury Suites

    "Exceeding expectations in care, enhancing relationships for life."---

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